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We specialize in window air conditioner installations.  Need an air conditioner removed or delivered?  We do that as well in a quick, clean and professional manner.  Call or e-mail us and we’ll walk you through the process.  If you’re not sure about what you need or where to start, we’ll help.  If you have an air conditioner just sitting there waiting to blow that heavenly cool air, schedule an installation with us today!


We will install your window air conditioner in a quick, clean and  professional manner.  We specialize in basic and custom installations  and we assure you that your unit will be installed correctly and safely.  It will look great too!  We are dedicated to exceeding your  expectations.


Would you like to have your already installed air conditioner removed  when the weather cools down or for any other reason?  Not a problem.  We  will carefully and safely remove your air conditioner unit so that you  will be able to use your window again.  We’ll also help you pack your AC  so you can store it safely.  If you’d like to just get rid of it, we  can take it and dispose of it safely as well.

Sales & Delivery

Air conditioners are heavy and it’s not always easy to figure out which  one you need and where to get it.  Let us do all the work.  You tell us  how big your room is and how cool you want to be and we’ll get you the perfect AC.  We’ll deliver it to you and can proceed to install.

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We service all of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas!

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